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The Tin Soldier & The Christmas Tree Angel

A Christmas Love Story


James N.  Zitzelsberger


The tin soldier said to the Christmas tree angel,

“Would you dance on this beautiful eve?”

And the angel said to the soldier,

“Yes I would, with you, by-your-leave.”


She was the most beautiful creature of Christmas

Coming down from the top of her tree

To place her hand on the arm of the soldier,

Standing tall, so proud to have she.


Then the music box started playing

The grandest Christmas waltz that it knew

While the bells on the tree started ringing

And the lights lit the way for the two:


The tin soldier stepped out, smart and stately,

The Christmas angel followed as led

With the music tying her heartstrings

To the shoulder where she nestled her head.


They danced roundly past walls of bright paper

Across a floor of velvet in white

Draped in the arms of each other,

Around and around with delight.


The night and the light was upon them

Until he bowed as the music wound down,

And with a tear in his eye said, “I love you!”

Before it fell on the hem of her gown.


Her soft fingers brushed the face of the soldier

Followed by a kiss on the hard cheek of he,

As she whispered, “You know how much I love you,

But now I must go back to the top of my tree.”


Thus, she left him standing at attention

In his uniform of red, white and blue;

Both sad that their Christmas dance ended,

Yet rejoicing in what they held true.


It is one of the world’s greatest love stories:

The tin soldier and the angel above

Who dance every Christmas at midnight

And pledge to each other their love….


©2011 James N. Zitzelsberger

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