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Henry James Barthochowski (Cow) is a Wisconsin farm boy transported to Vietnam in 1967.  He is a Seabee and a kid caught between the draft, social upheaval and personal misgivings.  Heavy action?  No. Scrapes, strains and contusions?  Many!


Have you ever looked at a photograph that you could not quite place but clearly recognize because you were there when it was taken?  Perhaps you held the camera, recall the setting or sense the suspense during that moment of déjà vu.  Loose Ends captures both the object and the observer through the peculiarities of going to war in Vietnam and the idiosyncrasies of belonging somewhere, anywhere, other than where we were.


The thirty-three short stories included are fictional snapshots from a time and place that changed minds and lives.  The changes were not abrupt but more piecemeal like the assignments and forces that ebbed and flowed through orders, actions, reactions and reflections.  Coping skills, were, of course, essential armaments because it was serious business as only war can be—but also monkey business as only young men can make it!

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